Sweet, it’s payday! What better way to spend some of that hard earned cash then to get your Waukesha South Class of ’86 reunion tickets. Can you believe it, we only have 21 days before the big event. Remember the last reunion when everyone was shouting “I can’t wait until the next reunion, you guys should have one of these things EVERY year”. Well, here it is, now get there and get your tickets. Tickets MUST be collected in advance or we may be partying in the parking lot. Remember, for just $2.25 a day you too can buy a memory to last a lifetime! So forget about the coffee get your tickets.


Here’s how you can pay for your tickets!


PAYPAL: wshsclassof1986@gmail.com

MAIL CHECKS TO: Gina Proctor, 2326 Misty Lane, Waukesha WI 53186


to order your tickets through our Eventzilla page.

Remember check MUST be received prior to the day of the reunion.
Also you can Go on over to the main page of the Waukesha South Site at http://waukeshasouth86.com and order your tickets today.